We're building a school with photos

We are supporting a school project in Tanzania with our trip. We want to help build a school for orphans. I have already collected two suitcases full of school and kindergarden material, now we just need a school house for the children.

Emanuel Kubyo und seine Schulkinder

The whole project will cost about 7000 euros (not really much for a school house, don't you think?) so I'm looking for 700 people who are willing to donate 10 euros. To make the whole thing more appealing to the kind donaters, I have come up with the following idea: For 10 euros you can buy 50km of our trip eg: km 3450-3500. After the trip you will get a photo of your chosen 50km sent to you by e-mail.
Where we will be at each given km is still unknown to me and even if I did know, I wouldn't tell you - there should be an elememt of surprise about it after all! All I can say is that km 0 is in Haifa and km 7000 is in Tarime (Tanzania). If you like the sound of that then here's how it works:

1. simply send a mail to rupo@safahari.com
2. transfer 10 euros to the Salzburger Sparkasse bank
account number: 04001150150
bank code: 20404
or from abroad:
IBAN AT162040404001150150
BIC sbgsat2s

Of course you can buy more kilometers if you like (then you get more beautiful photos) or make an anonymous donation

Thank you,Rupert.